Artists. Filmmakers. Storytellers.

Formed in 2014, Site B is a creative collective of artists and filmmakers who were born and raised in the Bronx, NY.

Our company thrives from its Bronx roots to create human stories that are grounded in realism but told with contemporary visual flare. From the moment of the company's inception, we have maintained an unabashed outlook on limitations, which has helped us surpass our goals and elevate our work to a place that can touch the emotional core of our audience and collaborators.

We approach each project with innovation and creative insight to weave each idea, shot, and edit into a fully realized product that can be used for broadcast distribution, and web or social media content.

Let Site B guide your ideas and concepts to a place that was originally not imagined. We are here to give it a fresh perspective, bring your project to life, and to drive the story forward.

Site B Studios pushes the limits of storytelling in every way possible.







Michael Robayo  Founder / Director

Michael Robayo

Founder / Director

Stanley Rojas  Director / Producer

Stanley Rojas

Director / Producer

Irwin Rojas  Director / Editor

Irwin Rojas

Director / Editor

Patricio Robayo  Photographer / Producer

Patricio Robayo

Photographer / Producer